Combining local distribution with Europe-wide signal delivery

As a broadcaster, you want to reach the widest possible audience in the best quality and the most cost-effective manner. Especially for pan-European distribution, satellite is the ultimate way to do so.

Thus, in addition to being distributed directly to millions of end-users via our various TV platforms, M7 Platform Services provides broadcasters with a high-quality full service satellite distribution solution, allowing you to use the same satellite signal for delivering your channel to third-party operators throughout Europe.

Full service solution: from uplink to head-end

M7 Platform Services takes care of the whole distribution chain: from satellite uplink to head-end reception by operators around Europe. First and foremost, we ensure that your program signal is safely encoded, encrypted, uplinked and transmitted via our pan-European satellite platform. Once your signal is on air, our highly skilled engineering team constantly monitors the quality of all satellite transmissions via our Network Operation Centre.

Additionally we provide service support for cable, telco and IPTV operators with whom you have concluded distribution agreements to ensure that they can receive, decode and decrypt your programs. This includes the provision of professional cards and modules, while our first level help desk support team remains available to assist operators so you can be assured of a continued high quality of service.

Distribution solutions tailored to your needs

Depending on your specific needs and requirements, we offer third party distribution solutions via various satellite positions (or a combination), combining Europe-wide third party delivery with carrying your channel via one or more of our local TV platforms:

The ASTRA satellites at 19.2 and 23.5 East providing you with full European reach, while also allowing you to be part of the M7 content offering in the Benelux (Canal Digitaal, TéléSAT and TV Vlaanderen), Czech Republic and Slovakia (Skylink) and Austria (HD Austria).

Eutelsat at 9 East: offering the widest European footprint, even stretching into Russia and parts of the Middle East and Africa. Furthermore, we operate our German B2B platform via this satellite position, offering you the chance to instantly reach millions of German-speaking TV homes at the same time.

Thor at 1 degree West, our prime satellite position for serving the Hungarian and Romanian DTH markets, and simultaneously providing excellent opportunities for delivering your TV channel to European operators.

Rapidly growing customer base

M7 Platform Services has successfully built up a wide-ranging base of highly satisfied customers. Not only renowned international broadcasters like FOX, Viacom, AMC and RTL, but also various regional and thematic channels are part of the rapidly growing M7 Platform Services portfolio.


Travelxp features premium travel and lifestyle programs with original shows from across 55+ countries. Experience destinations, lifestyle, food, culture and much more. Targeted to educate all travelers of places and activities and last but not the least, bringing destinations home for those who cannot make the travel.

Since 2018, Travelxp is carried in HD via the M7 platforms for the Benelux (Canal Digitaal and, TV Vlaanderen), Skylink for Czech Republic and Slovakia. In 2021, distribution was extended via Direct One in Hungary and Focus Sat in Romania. Furthermore, M7 Platform Services provides both channels with third party satellite distribution services within the Europe-wide ASTRA 23.5 East footprint for the save and secure delivery of the Travelxp signal to third party operators.

“M7 gave Travelxp its first major break in 2018, when Travelxp launched in Europe and since then the relationship has only grown leaps & bound and we look forward to further strengthen and grow it in future. Renewing our existing agreement and launching in Romania and Hungary gives Travelxp new destinations and we are delighted that just like Travelxp’s content quality is growing, so is the distribution and M7 is an integral part of the same. We are extremely happy and thankful”, said Sumant Bahl, Managing Director, Travelxp, Europe & Africa.

Love Nature delivers award-winning library of 4K and HD natural history content that foster a deeper understanding of the planet we call home. With more than 40 shooting locations worldwide, this family-friendly wildlife and nature brand delivers powerful stories about the natural world to over 200 million households globally.

Love Nature HD is distributed via the M7 platforms for the Benelux (Canal Digitaal, and TV VLAANDEREN), Skylink (Czech Republic and Slovakia) as well as DirectOne (Hungary) and Focus Sat (Romania). Love Nature 4K is available for M7’s B2B customers in the German speaking markets, as well as for M7 Direct-to-Home subscribers capable of receiving HotBird at 13 degrees East.

As part of the agreement, M7 Platform Services arranges the safe and secure satellite delivery of Love Nature HD to third party operators within the Europe-wide ASTRA 23.5 degrees East footprint coverage and provide all related support services including the provision of reception modules and first-level helpdesk support for third party operators.

Jade Anderson-Busby, Sales & Marketing Manager EMEA, Global Networks at Blue Ant Media, says; “Love Nature's launch across multiple M7 platforms allows Love Nature to reach a significant viewer base across key European markets for both our 4K and HD channel”.

Max Mustermann

Country Manager

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VP, Platform Content Services