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Leading pay-tv operator nestled in the heart of Europe

M7 Group, owned by Canal+, is a major European pay-tv operator offering and language-specific packages to over three million subscribers in eight countries: Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and Hungary. M7 Group is nestled in Luxembourg, Europe’s most secure country and financial hub, building upon its long tradition of operating radio and TV services for pan-European audiences. M7 Group enjoys a sound financial performance, benefiting from using central operations and building its business upon one generic platform for all its pay-tv operations, providing M7 Group with strong capabilities to grow its business.

Successful conversion model

The rapid growth of M7 Group was driven by successfully converting millions of free-TV viewers into recurring pay-tv subscribers in only a few years’ time. The model provides subscribers with an attractive range of additional TV services at a highly competitive market price. The hybrid TV offering includes key channels as well as film and sports content in state-of–the-art HD quality and innovative interactive services such as restart, replay and on demand TV viewing.

Having started as a satellite TV operator, M7 has now become a platform agnostic TV provider, adding IPTV, DTT and OTT capabilities where that best fits the preferred local way of TV consumption.

Meeting fast changing viewing habits

A leading edge OTT app allows M7 subscribers to permanently access content on any device. Over 300.000 downloads on mobile devices in only 18 months delivered the proof of concept for M7’s understanding of customers’ needs.

In cooperation with leading TV set manufacturers Samsung and LG, M7 developed a smart TV app, allowing consumers to watch both linear and non-linear content on their main screen, without the need for a traditional set top box. Additional partnerships will be closed as the interests for the hybrid TV model app from global leading TV manufacturers increases.

New revenue streams for broadcasters

Both the conversion of free-TV viewers into recurring pay-tv subscribers as well as the hybrid TV app provide broadcasters with an opportunity to create new revenue streams and new ways to protect their viewing shares, in a fast changing market where TV advertising revenues are under growing pressure. M7 provides broadcasters with a means to maintain and grow their viewing audiences in an increasingly fragmented TV landscape.

Differentiating business strategys

As M7 Group operates in an increasingly competitive field with both traditional and new global TV players, it became an unthreatened price-competitive ‘value for money’ and locally driven player. M7 focuses on the acquisition of live local content, news, general entertainment and non-scripted shows. It is complementary to the major OTT premium content providers like Amazon and Netflix, as it avoids investing in financially heavy acquisitions of premium movies, premium sports or premium TV series and does not compete with high-end pay-tv operators.

M7 Group’s average revenue per user increases steadily with a growing number of subscribers upgrading to higher pay-tv packages, combining the benefits of a high quality HD and UHD linear channel offering with attractive interactive services.

Especially in markets with large bases of free TV viewers, M7 defined opportunities for geographical expansion, benefiting from its multi-market operations and creating economies of scale with cost-efficient synergies in the areas of content acquisition, broadcast distribution and reception investments, IT services, branding and call centres.

Executive leadership

Our leadership structure sets priorities and drives our growth as a global organisation. The three Executive members, along with our shareholder Astorg form the Supervisory Board, our highest consultative body. The Executive Board Team supports the development of policies and ensures the alignment and continuous implementation of key priorities and strategies across the organisation.

Hans Troelstra

Hans Troelstra
Chief Executive Officer

In 2015 appointed CEO. Before joining M7 Group his previous experiences were at:

  • COO M7 Group
  • VP Customer Operations UPC NL
  • Philips (Marketing)
Ernst Jan van Rooijen

Ernst Jan van Rooijen
Chief Financial Officer

In 2016 appointed CFO. Before joining M7 Group his previous experiences were at:

  • CFO Tele2
  • Finance Director Versatel
Jaromir Glisnik

Jaromir Glisnik
Czech Rep. & Slovakia

In 2007 appointed. Before joining M7 Group his previous experiences were at:

  • Director Internal Services Karneval Media
  • Director Operations & Marketing UPC CZ