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M7 Smart TV App wins Webit New Media Award


Luxembourg, 11 July 2018 – M7 Group, one of Europe’s leading pay-TV providers, is proud to announce that during the recent Webit Digital Entertainment & Media Summit (Webit.DEMS) in Sofia, the M7 Smart TV app won the Webit New Media Award.

Plamen Russev, Executive Chairman of the Webit Foundation, stated: “The New Media Award acknowledges an indisputable innovation in the content creation, aggregation or delivery. With its innovative smart TV app, M7 has successfully launched a new service that lowers the consumer barrier for both linear and interactive TV content consumption, while addressing the growing need for sustainable and cost-effective hardware devices.”

The M7 Smart TV App is turning today’s smart TV into a full-fledged, state-of-the art television experience, by merging the benefits of linear, OTT and interactive television into a single user-friendly interface without the need for a traditional set top box.

Via one single app, TV consumers now have the chance to enjoy a complete and enriched TV offering, by having access to hundreds of linear TV channels in superb HD/UHD picture quality, while interactive applications like restart, replay and cloud-recording allow them to watch their favorite programs at any time, any place and via any device.

While working as a virtual set top box within the TV set, the M7 smart app breaks down today’s technology barriers for consumers, allowing them to use one single, user-friendly interface and only one remote control to enjoy a full and interactive TV experience, while seamlessly switching from watching both linear and non-linear content via the big screen to mobile devices – or vice versa.

In partnership with Samsung, the M7 Smart TV app has already been successfully integrated in DIVEO, M7’s new hybrid TV platform for Germany, Skylink, M7’s leading pay TV platform for Czech Republic and Slovakia, as well as HD Austria, the M7 TV platform for Austria. Other M7 platforms in Europe to follow soon: Canal Digitaal (Netherlands), TV VLAANDEREN and TéléSAT (Belgium).

Various other leading TV manufacturers have expressed their eagerness to also team-up with M7 for the integration of the M7 smart TV app in all their new generation smart TV’s. Related announcements are expected shortly.

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