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M7 Group, STUDIOCANAL and ZYNC® Partner to Bring Premium Entertainment Content


M7, STUDIOCANAL (both Canal+ Group companies), and ZYNC, the leading in-car entertainment platform, have announced a groundbreaking partnership to integrate premium content into cars. The collaboration will see STUDIOCANAL’s extensive library of movies and series integrated into ZYNC's cutting-edge in-car streaming video platform, providing a first-of-its-kind entertainment experience for drivers and passengers. The offering will launch initially in Mercedes-Benz EQS, S-Class and other models, with more makes, models and automotive brands to follow. The integration of STUDIOCANAL's content library will make long journeys more enjoyable and entertainment electric vehicle drivers while charging their vehicles.

“We're excited to partner with ZYNC to bring STUDIOCANAL’s vast range of premium content offerings to drivers and passengers in a way that is unique and ensures safety,” said Marco Hellberg, Managing Director of M7 Germany. “Our goal is to provide the highest quality entertainment experience for our viewers no matter where they are, and we believe that ZYNC's technology is the best way to deliver content to cars.”

Kalle Friz, CEO STUDIOCANAL Germany added: “We are constantly searching for innovative ways to bring our content to new audiences. M7 and ZYNC are ideal partners for us to make this happen and offer in-car entertainment with our huge and diverse library of movies and series.”  

ZYNC's purpose-built in-car entertainment platform has been designed from the ground up to ensure that any content viewed in cars is done so with safety as a top priority, including avoiding driver distraction. The platform features a user-friendly interface and is natively integrated with vehicle functions, allowing passengers to access video content from any seat position and for drivers while recharging electric vehicles and when Level 3 automated driving/ADAS functions are legally permitted.

“We're thrilled to partner with M7 and STUDIOCANAL to bring their diverse and award-winning content to ZYNC-enabled cars,” said RJ, CEO of ZYNC. “This partnership is another significant step in our commitment to providing the best in-car entertainment experience in the world for our customers.”

The integration between M7, STUDIOCANAL and ZYNC is expected go live in vehicles in the coming months, beginning in Germany and Austria. The ZYNC in-vehicle entertainment platform is live in over 20 markets, with more regions becoming available throughout 2023.

About M7 (a CANAL+ Company)

M7 Group is a CANAL+ Group company, one of Europe’s largest operators of satellite and IP-based TV platforms based in Luxembourg. Today, M7 Group provides more than 3 million subscribers with hundreds of satellite and IP-based radio and television services in digital and HD quality in 8 countries. M7 Platform Services provides broadcasters with end-to-end distribution solutions for DTH, cable and IPTV reception. Furthermore, M7 provides a growing range of Canal+ branded premium content platforms and channels.

About STUDIOCANAL (a CANAL+ Company)

STUDIOCANAL, a 100% affiliate of CANAL+ Group held by Vivendi, is Europe’s leading film and television studio, operating directly in five major European markets – France, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain and Poland – as well as in Australia and New Zealand. STUDIOCANAL finances and distributes 30+ new feature films per year, partnering with talents to make films in English, French, German, Spanish and other European languages. Additionally, STUDIOCANAL owns one of the largest film libraries in the world, boasting nearly 6,000 titles from 60 countries. Spanning 100 years of film history, this vast and 

unique catalogue includes among others the iconic “Terminator 2”, “Rambo”, “Breathless”, “Mulholland Drive”, “The Third Man”, and “Belle de Jour”. STUDIOCANAL also produces more than 200 hours of TV series each year and operates at an international level by globally distributing its scripted productions and CANAL+ Création Originale (1,000 hours of current and library content in distribution). STUDIOCANAL and the CANAL+ Group understand their responsibility as a media company, producer and distributor of content and  share Vivendi’s goal of promoting ambitious and inclusive creations, which also address the urgency of climate change.

About ZYNC

ZYNC is the world’s leading in-car entertainment platform. ZYNC provides a purpose-built, natively-integrated, and user-friendly mobility entertainment experience, incorporating real-time vehicle data and ensuring driver safety. Founded in 2019, ZYNC uniquely bridges the worlds of automotive, software and entertainment. ZYNC is a California-based company with headquarters in San Francisco and offices in Munich and Berlin, Germany. The company's mission is to take in-car entertainment to a new dimension by incorporating real-time vehicle data. ZYNC® is a registered trademark of Zync Inc. For more information, please visit

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