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    • Canal Digitaal

      Canal Digitaal

      Canal Digitaal was established in 1995 and is the first and longest existing Platform of M7 Group SA. For 15 years Canal Digitaal has been offering Digital TV and Radio Channels to consumers in the Netherlands. Today more than 1 million Dutch households receive digital television and radio via Canal Digitaal. Using the SES Astra Satellite network, Canal Digitaal transmits hundreds high quality Digital Television and hundreds of International Radio and Television Channels. Additional to tailor-made packages, Canal Digitaal offers HDTV, special content channels and since 2011 also Internet and VOIP services.
      Visit our Dutch Digital Satelite Television provider Canal Digitaal at www.canaldigitaal.nl for more information.

    • Online.nl


      Online.nl is both the youngest and one of the oldest internet service provider in the Netherlands. The company, previously operating under the names Euronet and Wanadoo offers a wide range of internet, television and VOIP services for customers and small businesses in the Netherlands. In the past 20 years, the company has built up considerable expertise in the Dutch Internet industry. In 2013 Online.nl gave access to more than 500,000 users.
      Visit our Dutch Internet and Television provider Online.nl at www.online.nl for more information.

    • AustriaSAT


      AustriaSat was launched in October 2010 by M7 Group SA. AustriaSat is available on Austria’s main DTH position Astra 19.2° and is the only platform for digital satellite television to be received via smartcards of the public broadcasting network ORF (Oesterreichischer Rundfunk). The offer is aimed at 2 million digital satellite households in Austria, who already possess an ORF smartcard. AustriaSat offers 16 TV channels including action, comedy, sport, lifestyle, motion picture, music, cartoon
      and erotic program.
      Visit our Austrian Digital Television provider HD Austria at www.austriasat.at for more information.

    • Skylink


      Skylink is the historically oldest Czech-Slovak satellite platform. It has been also the largest and fastest-growing satellite service provider in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Through its encoded cards it provides access to satellite television to more than 2 million households. In addition to a wide offer of free and paid programs, Skylink’s most important competitive advantage lies in the high quality of broadcasting. Skylink is the market leader in the segment of high definition broadcasting (HDTV) - currently, it offers already 23 such programs. The signal is distributed in high digital quality from the Astra satellite (23,5 degrees east) and covers the entire territory of the Czech and Slovak Republic. In January 2012, Skylink has become a part of the international group M7 Group S.A.
      Visit our Czech Digital Television provider Skylink at www.skylink.cz for more information.

    • TeleSAT


      TéléSAT numérique launched in January 2009 and is the first platform aimed at the French speaking community in Belgium. TéléSAT offers a wide variety of French language channels completed with International and Special Interest Channels. TéléSAT distinguishes itself by offering its consumers a standard MPEG4 receiver and transmits on both the Astra 19® and Hotbird 13® Satellites, Europe’s main Satellite positions.
      Visit our Belgium Internet and Digital Television provider TéléSAT at www.telesat.be for more information.



      TV VLAANDEREN is a Satellite platform launched in June 2006, targeting the Flemish speaking inhabitants of Belgium. TV VLAANDEREN offers Digital Television and Radio via Satellite with a simple Satellite kit in all regions of the country. TV VLAANDEREN offers its clients interesting packages of TV and Radio Channels consisting of Flemish and Dutch channels but also International and Special Content Channels. On top of this and thanks to the SES Astra Satellite network consumers can receive hundreds of free national and international channels without extra costs. Since 2011 also Internet and VOIP services are available.
      Visit our Belgium Internet and Digital Television provider TV VLAANDEREN at www.tv-vlaanderen.be for more information.

    • M7 Germany

      M7 Germany

      M7 Group in Germany offers TV entertainment for cable and IP networks. M7 (the German brand operated by M7 Group SA Luxembourg) operates an independent and fully integrated digital TV program and service platform for Network Operators inGermany. The German platform provides turnkey ready TV wholesale products and enables simple and cost efficient distribution of German and multinational TV programs. That also includes regulation of all legal and technical aspects. The extensive portfolio allows Network Operators - with full control of their (end)customer relationships - to bundle their own digital TV packages and offer them for all devices and screens. The integrated platform offers a wide range of TV channels in brilliant HD quality, setting anew standard for Cable and IPTV networks. This also includes attractive TV channels of different genres in SD quality as well as a selection of over 30 international TV programs in nine different languages. The TV app can be used in a multi-room and multi-screen environment and it offers up to 100 public and private TV channels on tablets, smartphones and other devices. It's easy to use and requires only an Internet connection. M7 offers IPTV for CNOs and IPNOs including up to 140 fully licensed TV channels in HD quality, time shifted TV, Video on Demand and with multi-screen functionality.