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As a broadcaster, you want to reach the widest possible audience in the best quality and the most cost-effective manner. Especially for pan-European distribution, satellite is the ultimate way to do so. However, being on a satellite does not automatically mean people are able to watch your channel. Signals needs to be decoded, reception equipment must be tuned in and last-not-but-least: people should be aware that your channel is there and worth watching…!


That is why we offer more than just satellite capacity. Our aim is to provide you with a full service solution, allowing you to reach your target audience, either via cable or Direct-to-Home(DTH) reception. This includes both technical excellence in the sky and professional support on the ground. In short: we take care of the whole distribution chain, from uplink to living room.You just need to deliver us your signal - or we pick it up at your premises - and we will ensure your audience will be able to receive it in crystal clear quality.   



Secure and excellent satellite transmission

M7 platform services

First and foremost, we ensure that your program signal is safely encoded, uplinked and transmitted via our satellite platform. Moreover, we provide a wide range of secure and widely used encryption solutions, as well as various play-out services via one of our business partners. Once your signal is on air, we constantly monitor the quality of all satellite transmissions via our Network Operation Centre in Luxembourg.


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Quote of René van Baaren, Channel Manager BVN-TV: "We want to be sure that our satellite viewers in Europe enjoy a high-quality and uninterrupted viewing experience. That's why the partnership with M7 Platform Services is key to us."  


Pan-European household reach 

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Through our satellite platform we provide optimal footprint coverage. This allows you to reach not only all relevant cable and IPTV operators throughout Europe, but also millions of satellite viewers in the Benelux, Central Eastern Europe and Austria via our local satellite TV providers Canal Digitaal (The Netherlands), TV-Vlaanderen and TeleSAT (Belgium), Skylink (Czech Republic and Slovakia) and AustriaSat (Austria and Hungary).



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Quote of Jur Bron, CEO Brava HD: "We have chosen for a partnership with M7 Platform Services since this allows us to reach all relevant European cable operators and millions of satellite homes in one goin a cost-effective way."  


Ongoing customer support


Last-but-not-least, we will ensure that your channel is received by your preferred target audience, either via cable, IPTV or DTH.


Additionally we will provide service support for cable and IPTV operators with whom you have concluded distribution agreements to ensure that they can receive, decode and decrypt your programs. Our help desk support remains available to assist operators so you can be assured of a continued quality of service.


Furthermore, we help you reach an additional potential of over three million satellite households in the Benelux, CEE and Austria via a wide range of local marketing activities. This includes POS materials, websites, PR and last-but-not-least referencing your channel in the local EPG's, so that satellite viewers can easily find your channel back once it comes of the satellite.


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Quote of Marjet Jansen, Account Director Viacom International: Being integrated in the EPG's of the various M7 platforms and the various local marketing support tools are of vital importance to reach our viewers - and prevents us from being 'lost in space'.   



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Interested to learn more about the solutions provided by M7 Platform Services? Please contact us via: platform@m7group.eu